How to Get Paid On Twitch || 7 ways to make money on Twitch 

Salim Mahamud

How to Get Paid On Twitch || 7 ways to make money on Twitch 

In this article, we’ll discuss one of the most important things people care about monetization. I’ll also show you all the different ways How to Get Paid On Twitch. 

Are you ready to take your Twitch streaming to the next level and start earning some serious cash? Well, you’re in luck because this article dives deep into the world of Twitch monetization. From subscriptions to sponsorships, we’ll cover all the different avenues available for you to make money on Twitch.

How to Get Paid On Twitch 

Get paid directly on Twitch.

There are two ways to monetize your channel on Twitch. First, we’ll discuss ways to get paid directly on Twitch. The first one you’re probably familiar with is Twitch subscribers, or as we all know it, Twitch Subs. 

Viewers can subscribe to your channel on a one-time or recurring basis at different tiers. If you’re outside the U.S., take note that these prices will vary. When someone subscribes to your channel, you get 50% of the sub. One of the best ways to get people to subscribe to your channel is by offering them awesome emotes.

You can also select different emotes to be available at various tiers, which may encourage people to subscribe at a higher tier. If you don’t have your own emotes, that’s where Streamlabs has your back, and we offer tools like the Emote Creator Tool, Logo Maker, and Emoji Chat. Also, make sure you tell your subscribers that they get cool perks like badges, ad-free viewing, and subscriber-only streams.

People love to give! When a viewer subscribes to your channel, Twitch immediately offers them a 20% discount on a gifted subscription, encouraging them to get in on the gifting spirit. The revenue from gifted Subscriptions is treated the exact same as regular subscriptions.

Bits and Cheers 

Viewers can cheer in your channel with bits. Bits are Twitch’s virtual currency, and viewers can use them to cheer on your channel. Twitch pays one U.S. Cent for each bit you receive, which is a little, but it can add up over time. If you receive bits through a channel extension, Twitch pays you eighty percent of that one U.S. Cent, while the remaining 20% goes to the developer. You can check out the variety of extensions available for use in our blog, which I will link here up on screen. Bits are a great way to interact with your viewers and make your stream more fun. But please note that you first have to reach affiliate status.

Ad Revenue

Ad revenue might be one of the contributors to your income, but it’s still worth considering. Ad Revenue typically makes up the smallest part of any streamer’s payout. The amount you will make from ads is affected by a variety of factors, such as your concurrent viewership and the length of the ad.

Look, everybody has their own opinion about how they feel about ads, but you know what? It really comes down to where you are in your streaming career and timing. If you’re a giant streamer and you run ads, it’s probably not going to scare too much of your viewership away. 

But if you’re a smaller streamer, it can really be off-putting to people, which means they’ll never come back, or they won’t see your content at all because they’ll give up and click on someone else. Which means it comes down to strategic timing. 

If you can time your ads right, typically midstream, not only can you take a much-needed break, but you can also save your viewers from pre-roll ads. Studies have shown that many people click away during pre-roll ads, and as a result, they will never see your content. Twitch tries to help you out with this by offering tools like automatic ad scheduling and sleep to make them easier to manage.


Alright, let’s move on to ways to make money outside of Twitch. The first one we’re going to talk about is merch. You can be a small streamer to make money with merchandise. 

Anyone using Streamlabs can easily set up a merch store and stock it with tees, bags, hats, and more. The Twitch extension allows you to create your merch store. 

Plus, we give you so many tools like the Streamlabs logo maker to help you design merchandise even if you need to gain art skills. How much money can you make on merchandise? 

Well, that really depends on what you adjust your prices to. In Streamlabs, you can adjust the cost of your merchandise and you can control the amount you’ll receive from each unit sold.  

Tips and Donations

Monthly tipping from Streamlabs is the perfect way for fans to support your stream, especially if you have yet to reach affiliate status. The best part is that Streamlabs doesn’t take a cut; you receive a hundred percent of the tip amount directly through your PayPal account. 

Viewers can choose how much to tip and whether the tip will be one-time or monthly. Similar to tips, we have donations, which is another way for viewers to support your channel. 

A Streamlabs donation bar is the perfect way to show viewers that you’re hoping to reach a specific goal, whether it be for an upgraded microphone, a new game you’re hoping to play on stream, or anything that you want to use to improve your content. 

While many streamers often put donation money directly into enhancing their stream, it’s not uncommon to ask for help with tuition, rent, or even surgery expenses for a beloved animal. If you’ve built a strong community, trust me, your community will help support you.

Sponsorships and Affiliates

Alright, let’s discuss one that everybody is always interested in. If you’re wondering how to get sponsored on Twitch, the truth is that bigger streamers are more likely to be approached. 

Fortunately, there is another way. With the help of Streamlabs and Power Spike, you can apply for sponsorships directly rather than just sitting around and waiting for them to come to you. If you correctly market yourself and show sponsorships what you can do for them rather than the other way around, you can increase your chances of success.

Amazon Affiliates or Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that is easily one of the best for streamers and content creators. You need to apply through Amazon and then promote links to Amazon products of your choice on your website or, in this case, your Twitch channel. 

For streamers, posting links to your stream setup and any other gear you use to make your content makes the most sense. If someone buys an Amazon product through your link, you make a small commission. These commissions can vary depending on the products you are linking to. If you want to know all the different percentages that you can make, I’m going to do you a favor and put a link down to the blog that goes more in-depth about it.

Membership Services

A successful membership service can be a lucrative business for many creators. Platforms like Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee are great. Unlike tips and donations, members will likely expect something in return. 

Some creators send physical products like stickers or artwork every month, some share valuable knowledge or tutorials, and some offer member-only content like videos, zoom parties, or, you know, just hanging out in Discord. There are thousands of ways to start your membership service, as long as you’re offering something people want.

As someone who makes a full-time living on Twitch and through Twitch, the thing that you need to learn the most is diversification. Take a look at this list in this video here, and make sure you utilize all the ones that are going to benefit you and your audience so that you can continue to financially support yourself and keep making awesome content for your audience out there.


Diversification is essential for long-term success on Twitch. By using multiple revenue streams, you can protect your income and create content for your audience without financial worries. Explore various ways to monetize your Twitch channel with this article guide. With dedication, creativity, and a bit of luck, your streaming passion can become a sustainable source of income. That’s all for today; if you want to know more about other platforms’ monetization programs or get paid for them, visit the online taka income website. Thank You.